The Voice of Poverty – The Silent Life of a Family in Klang

The Voice of Poverty – The Silent Life of a Family in Klang

When the dawn brings sunlight to most families, the dark background of a life in doubt remains for the family of Thanaletchumi a/p Balakrishnan in Taman Sentosa, here in Klang.

In the wake of a new day, the promise of poverty tightens its grip on her family.

Thanaletchumi a/p BalakrishnanAt 38, abandon by her selfish husband and unaided in surviving seven children, Thanaletchumi is fighting a losing battle against the ‘incarceration’ of hunger and starvation.

The ailing mother of seven was left in the dark by her husband after uncovering her feeble health condition due to her being diagnosed with womb cancer 2 years ago.

In a slightly bizarre case of medical referral, after initial treatment, she was referred to a nearby a private medical institution to accommodate her cancer removal surgery.

With money barely available to feed the call of hunger, Thanaletchumi was forced to neglect the life saving chemotherapy treatment scheduled in aid of her recuperations.

If that doesn’t make our eyes wet, then the news of her 15 year old son being the sole bread winner of the family will definitely bring tears even into the toughest of hearts.

Her son, the 15 year old Dhanush Kumar is working in a nearby car wash center with an earning of less than RM20 per day.

Two months ago, the eldest of the family, Sharmini, 22, was employed in a manufacturing outlet as a Quality Control assistant but due to her mother’s ailing condition she was forced to sacrifice her earnings to accommodate the welfare of her six younger siblings.

To make matters worst, Thanaletchumi’s eldest son, Jegathesan,20, left the house months ago in the hope of finding solace to their financial woes but was never heard from since.

“I don’t know the exact whereabouts of my son although at times some of his friends have claimed to have seen him somewhere”, said the weeping mother in expressing her grief.

The family also consist of two other children aged 10 and 9 respectively.
These two kids were schooling at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Klang Jaya once but due to the financial constraints faced by Thanalethcumi, they were forced to abort their education pre-maturely.

“My two year old daughter is still without a birth certificate since the family was neglected by their father soon after her birth. Me being an ever dependant housewife never had the courage to seek for resources in getting my newborn her birth identification”, said a sobbing Thanaletchumi carrying her cute two year old in the arms.

To add salt to injury, the family was asked to vacate their current home due to their inability to pay monthly rental in excessive of RM2000 for the past six months.

The loud shout for help was indeed heard by at least one good Samaritan in Selangor State MIC Youth leader, Mr Shanker Raj Ayanger.

The Voice of Poverty – The Silent Life of a Family in Klang

Together with a team of local social activist, reporters and the Kota Raja Youth Division, Mr Shanker Raj Ayanger visited the unfortunate home of Thanaletchumi Balakrishnan at Taman Sentosa, Klang to provide immediate assistance for the family in anguish.

A huge bulk of household goodies and necessary daily provisions were given to the family in aid of their deprived condition.

When asked by Malaysia Edition to comment on the difficulty faced by the family, the State MIC Youth Leader said “im in total shock to explain the situation of this particular family. What looks like a case of an ignored entity within the local society might simply be another example of sheer ignorance and unawareness of a family”.

He was also asked on the availability of further and future resources for the family to which he said,”we have made necessary arrangement for the 2 year old baby to obtain the much important birth certificate and we have also alerted the Welfare Department to expedite all assistance to this family. Under the MyKasih program, the family is entitled for a monthly allowance of RM 80 which we have now applied on behalf besides we have plans to enrolled the underprivileged 15 year old boy into a skill based training institution. As for the sister who is unemployed at 22, we would assist her in securing a job in near the vicinity of her home in order to facilitate easy commuting”.

Mr Shangker Raj Ayanger also added that Mdm Thanaletchumi will be assisted in seeking medical assistance in her plight to fight the cancer which has stricken her life for so long.

With the nation moving into a future direction in search for the dream destination, maybe are we leaving behind some of our brothers and sisters under the strangulation of impoverishment and destitution?

Poverty across the community lies
Poverty cries out from the belly of little boys
Little girls, parents too
Desperately searching for food,
Shelter, clothing, for love,
Companion, for attention
Those with plenty, refuse
To amend, a society still haunted by



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